How to cook New Zealand Snapper

Snapper is a delicate fish to eat, slightly flaky but enough texture to hold its shape.

Please read below for different ways to enjoy

       Cooking New Zealand  Snapper is best not rinsed in anything other than Salt water, (rinsing in fresh water only takes flavour away and            actually adds  bacteria)

  1. A simple moderately heated pan with a nice blob of butter, watching the fish change color as it cooks, turning only once during cooking process (est time of 3-5 mins depending on heat) salt and pepper to taste
  2. Slightly dusted in a quality flour and repeat process as above
  3. 1 x cold bottle of good quality lager beer with enough quality flour to make a batter, a pinch of salt and pepper to your taste. Dip fish into mixture and place in moderate hot oil (enough to just cover fillets) cook until golden brown and just crisp (approx. 3-5 minutes depending on temperature of oil
  4. Chop Snapper  fillets into small bite size portions, place into large bowl with measured amounts of quality orange juice and equal part white vinegar let marinate for at least 4 hrs, strain to remove as much juice as possible.
  5. Place in another bowl with chopped peppers, red onion, grated carrot ,chopped pineapple,diced cucumber and other ingredients to your liking or as is. Then pour a chilled can of coconut cream over and stir to cover all mixture been careful not to break portions of fish.

Let sit for 40 mins in refrigerator to chill and serve with a nice chardonnay.


How to cook Bay of Islands Kingfish

Another delicate fish but this tasty species has a harder texture therefor can be better as a raw fish rather than cooked

1: Chill the pieces of boned Kingfish then thinly slice running across the grain of flesh to give a wafer thin slice of Shu seme

served  with Ginger, soy  sauce and wasabi sauce.

2: Cooking Kingfish can be tricky as it can over cook very quickly, a moderately heated pan with a light coating of flour , salt and pepper to           taste , depending on thickness of fillet 4-6 minutes

3: Same as above recipes for Snapper

4: Good size portions of Kingfish baked in foil paper or cooking paper with ginger and garlic, a few strips of red or orange capsicum                        peppers ,sliced Shallots, Bake until cooked .

Perfect Kingfish

Like any fish there are many ways to cook and enjoy but the big key is take care of the fish from the point of capture to placement on table

Enjoy !!

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